What We Do

Our services

Strategy and facilitation

Thirdspace consultants provides strategic direction to empower individuals and help mobilise companies for future business success.

  • Development of strategic statement

  • (Conduct) organisational reviews

  • Development of bespoke change management programmes

  • Assistance and guidance in strategic planning

  • Identification of key strategic priorities

  • Research and consultation with key business stakeholders

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Leadership development

ThirdSpace Consultants design customised programs and services to enhance leadership capability and drive effective, authentic leadership

  • Support for leadership development at all levels

  • Guidance in Leveraging your influence to inspire and futureproof your business

  • Leading in a blended work environment

  • Training to Increase motivation and enhance collaboration

  • Women in Leadership

  • Leadership for the future of work

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 “Do what you can, from where you are, with what you've got”

ThirdSpace Consultants assists in the design of sustainability strategies, examining the environmental, social and economic footprint of the business

  • Sustainability awareness training for all levels

  • Assistance in direction and design of sustainability strategy

  • Support for sustainability accreditation

  • Development of sustainability policy within a company

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high performance team building

ThirdSpace enhances team effort and results through high-performance team building.

  • Team profiling

  • Development of team charters

  • Fostering team dynamic and development to drive greater collaboration, motivation and performance

  • Building cohesive teams with greater levels of trust, value and respect

  • Enhancing future skills for teams

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executive coaching

One-on-one exploratory, goal-oriented conversations based around an individual's specific needs and ambitions.

  • Develop greater structure and clarity in current role or career path

  • Person-centred, safe space to explore current needs

  • Review and reflect on current issues through multiple lenses

  • Develop greater structure and clarity in current role or career path

  • Increase wellbeing

  • Maximise performance, drive results and increase confidence

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